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How Do I Write a Resume That Stands Out as a Job Seeker

Thu, 4 May 2023

How Do I Write a Resume That Stands Out as a Job Seeker

Are you tired of submitting countless job applications and never hearing back from employers? 

It could be that your resume isn't standing out among the sea of other applicants. In today's competitive job market, it's essential to have a resume that catches the attention of hiring managers.

An effective and well-crafted resume allows potential employers to quickly understand your professional experience, areas of expertise, and career goals. In addition, it should serve as an introduction for you to impress upon employers why they should select you above other candidates.

If you're wondering how to write a resume that stands out, you're not alone. Many job seekers struggle to create a standout resume highlighting skills and experiences. But with a few tips and tricks, you can create a winning resume that gets noticed.

So, read on!

Understanding The Purpose Of A Resume

A resume is like the cover of a book; it gives potential employers an indication of what lies beneath. When writing a resume, it's essential to understand its purpose and objectives.

A resume should be an introduction between yourself and an employer, showcasing your skills, qualifications and experience to attract their attention and secure a job interview.

Resume writing must be approached with precision; consider each word carefully, as they will decide whether or not you get to the next stage of the recruitment process. Every section should have a specific objective: from background information such as education history and work experience to contact details that enable employers to reach out for further discussion.

It is also essential that key achievements are highlighted clearly so that hiring managers can identify the relevant qualities and competencies needed for the role at hand quickly and easily.

Identifying Elements To Include

When constructing a resume, ensure all necessary information is included without going into too much detail. This document should act only as an advertisement of who you are rather than providing an exhaustive list of accomplishments made throughout your career journey thus far.

Be creative but stay professional; remember that this is still a formal document used to assess suitability for employment positions.

Making Your Resume Unique

When crafting a resume that stands out, it is important to create an effective personal brand. This involves being creative and adopting innovative strategies when structuring the document. For example, utilise unique layouts and formatting styles to draw attention from recruiters, such as text boxes or colour accents.

Also, focus on highlighting areas of expertise with quantifiable results to differentiate yourself from other job seekers. For instance, if you have implemented processes which have improved performance or increased efficiency, make sure to note the percentage of improvement.

Crafting A Professional Summary

The ability to craft a professional summary can be the difference between being seen as an average job seeker and one that stands out.

As the saying goes, “the first impression is the last impression” – your resume summary will make or break it for you. If crafted correctly, this short paragraph at the top of your resume should give potential employers enough insight into who you are, what makes you unique, and why they should hire you.

When crafting a professional summary, introduce yourself confidently, explain where you currently work (or have worked), and state your educational qualifications. This opening statement should provide enough information about your background to pique interest while maintaining brevity.

Next, highlight key skills that make you stand out from other job seekers; include words like 'strategic', 'results-driven' or 'innovative'.

Finally, finish off with future career aspirations:

  • What kind of position do you wish to obtain?
  • What would success look like for you?

By concluding on a positive note such as this, recruiters will leave feeling inspired and hopeful for their next hire.

Demonstrating Relevant Experience And Skills

When writing a resume that stands out, demonstrating relevant experience and skills is essential. To do this effectively, job seekers must include their work history in detail and highlight their most pertinent qualifications to showcase their suitability for the position.

It is crucial for candidates to list all job experiences, including internships or volunteer positions, as these demonstrate skillsets acquired through similar roles as well as a commitment to professional development.

The jobs listed should have accompanying job descriptions that outline key responsibilities and highlights career accomplishments such as awards received or initiatives led. When providing details about each position, it is also beneficial to incorporate keywords from the job advertisement when possible.

In addition to describing past employment, applicants should detail any additional qualifications they possess that are directly related to the role they are applying for. This may include certifications attained in specialised areas such as first aid training or language proficiency tests or participation in extracurricular activities like leadership programs or industry events which display transferable skills applicable to the desired role.

Pro tip: list positions chronologically from the current or most recent job first and provide specific details about duties and accomplishments. Relevant education, certifications, awards, volunteer experiences, extra-curricular activities, and more can be added depending on the situation.

Optimising For Automated Screening Systems

What does applicant tracking systems (ATS) mean, you may ask?

Well, an ATS is a software used by employers to scan resumes for relevant keywords and phrases. Commonly used for large companies, this technology can be a job seeker's best friend as it allows them to tailor their resume to make sure it passes through the system.

To optimise your resume for ATS, use a traditional resume format with clear headings and sections, including contact information and education at the top, followed by work experience, relevant skills, achievements and interests.

Avoid using columns or tables, as these may not be recognised by applicant tracking systems (ATS) software. Furthermore, when creating each section within the resume, ensure all content is relevant and organised in reverse chronological order. Keywords relating to qualifications should also be included throughout the document where applicable.

While there are no guarantees that one’s resume will stand out from others on an employer's desk, following best practices for optimisation increases visibility and could substantially improve job-seeking outcomes.

Using Keywords Appropriately

Resume keywords are words and phrases recruiters or hiring managers to use when searching for qualified applicants on online job boards.

Appropriate keywords should be carefully selected based on the specific position being applied for to optimise keyword usage. Strategic selection of targeted keywords will increase the chances that a recruiter or hiring manager finds the applicant's profile quickly and easily within the vast sea of resumes available online.

When selecting appropriate keywords, it is important to review several job postings related to the desired occupation and applicable industry terms and language. In addition, it is beneficial to refer back to any relevant skills listed on the resume, which can help ensure accuracy and relevance when choosing strategic keywords.

Refining Your Formatting And Layout

Refining your resume formatting and layout is like the icing on the cake. Done well, it can make all the difference in standing out to employers as an ideal job candidate.

To ensure you create a visually appealing document that accurately reflects your professional self, there are several design principles that should be employed when constructing your resume format and layout.

Begin by selecting styling options such as font type, size, colour and alignment that best represent your professional identity. Then, aim for consistency throughout the document so potential employers have no trouble navigating each section.

Keep margins moderate, with one inch being an acceptable standard across the board. Additionally, consistent spacing between lines and paragraphs will help maintain order while providing visual appeal.

Finally, if including images or graphics within your resume (which isn’t recommended), be sure they enhance rather than distract from your content by adhering to basic visual design principles.

Proofreading And Editing For Clarity

Proofreading and editing are essential to ensure that a resume stands out. Job seekers should not underestimate the importance of reviewing their work for accuracy, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and clarity.

By taking the time to proofread and edit one’s resume before submitting it to employers, one can be sure that it contains no errors or typos that could lead to mistakes in communication or misunderstandings about qualifications.

Furthermore, correcting phrasing ensures every word is meaningful and contributes to understanding an applicant's accomplishments while maintaining brevity.

Employers will appreciate when applicants take proactive measures such as these, thus helping them stand apart from competitors vying for the same position.


A well-crafted resume is essential for job seekers as it can be the difference between securing an interview and not.

The key to creating a document that stands out amongst the competition lies in understanding its purpose, identifying relevant elements, making it unique with personal touches, demonstrating experience & skills, using keywords wisely, refining formatting & layout, proofreading & editing for clarity and staying up-to-date with trends.

An effective resume will help job seekers showcase their abilities and strengths while presenting themselves in the best light possible – resulting in more opportunities for success!

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